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How to control your Trimlight lights


Trimlight Phoenix is here with the perfect solution! We offer permanent, programmable color-changing outdoor LED’s. Our lights are weatherproof, energy efficient and require minimal maintenance – no bulbs to ever change or ladders to climb! What’s more – our lights are easily programmed by a mobile app.

You get stunning lighting all year round – for holidays like Christmas and Fourth of July, special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, or just for fun occasions like family gatherings. With many different colors available at the touch of a button, you will be able to create elegant lighting solutions for your patio, deck pergola or gazebo in minutes. And with their bright but soft glow they provide an inviting atmosphere day after day!

Check us out today and sign up for a free virtual quote. For more information you can review our Pricing page for cost and the FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions. – so why wait any longer? Let’s add some beautiful ambiance to your outdoor living spaces together!

Trimlight Edge's Features

Music Capabilities

Sync your lights to the rhythm of your favorite tunes for an unforgettable poolside dance party. Our lights can adapt to music played from your phone or directly through your Trimlight controller, offering a dynamic lighting experience that moves with the beat.

Alexa and Google Home

 Integrate convenience into your outdoor lighting with our Trimlight Edge controller’s compatibility with Alexa and Google Home. A simple voice command is all it takes to control your lighting system, making it easier than ever to set the perfect mood for your backyard gatherings.

Cloud Based

Never worry about leaving your lights on again. Our advanced cloud-based technology allows you to connect to your Trimlight system from anywhere, giving you the power to control your lighting remotely. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, peace of mind is at your fingertips.

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Video Library Tutorial

As part of the Trimlight community, you’re not just a customer. You’re the director of your outdoor symphony, using our video tutorials as the conductor. Our lights are programable so you can easily change colors with the seasons, from Easter, to Christmas, and all the holidays in between

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We have put together a Gallery of our customers outdoor lighting displays.


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Easily transition from season to season, from holiday to holiday, with a push of the button


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