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Game Day Phoenix

game day Phoenix

It’s Game Day Phoenix !! Is there any better excuse to throw a party than watching the big game? From football playoffs to basketball championships, sporting events are the perfect way to celebrate and bring everyone together. Even non-fans can enjoy the electrifying environment that arises every time a good game comes on.

What separates any old gathering from a party? The decorations, of course. The best place to start is the first place your guests will see as they arrive: your home’s curb appeal, possibly the patio or pool area. When it comes to game day decor, it’s the small details that really go the extra yard. Make sure you turn on your team colors light for your ultimate Game Day preparation, where every moment is a celebration and every fan is a part of the action.

Show your Game Day spirit in lights

light colors

You control the colors with an App

Our new remote access app is here to transform every holiday, sporting event, or special occasion in Phoenix, Arizona. Imagine hosting game day parties where you can set the perfect mood with just a tap on your smartphone. Trimlight’s new controller offers an array of benefits that cater specifically to your needs. With a user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology, you can program millions of colors, patterns, and animations to create an atmosphere that is truly your own. Whether it’s the excitement of a touchdown or the cozy vibes of a warm evening, the right lighting can elevate your experience and make every moment memorable. Embrace the power of lights and colors to enhance your mood and make your events unforgettable. Ready to transform your space? Explore the possibilities with our new app today!


You control the lights , with a push of a button

Outdoor Accent Lighting to Increase Curb Appeal

Hardly noticeable during the day

By day, our patented channel discreetly blends into your roofline, remaining hardly noticeable. However, when the sun sets, your space transforms, revealing an elegant accent lighting solution for your home.

Music Compatible

Set your lights to dance to music! Watch as your space comes alive with light, dancing in sync with your favorite music. Create a dynamic atmosphere that turns any moment into a captivating celebration.

Alexa and Google

Our Trimlight Edge controller is now Alexa and Google Home compatible! With just a simple command with voice-controlled brilliance, our Trimlight Edge app allows you to effortlessly customize your lighting to fit any occasion!

Cloud Based Technology

You can now connect to your Trimlight system even when you're away from home with cloud-based technology. All of the app programmability is right at your fingertips wherever you are.

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More About the Lighting App

Check out our Video Library on how to use the controller and the different display options that are available. 


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