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Bistro Lights are our newest innovations
in Patio Lighting

With Trimlight’s gorgeous outdoor patio lights, you can make summer nights more intimate and inviting. Our lighting solutions offer a beautiful way to light up your yard that will be perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing after a long day. Plus, they are easy to install and maintain so you don’t have to worry about any extra hassle

Imagine spending quality time with friends and family on a romantic patio lit with soft glowing hues of pink, blue, purple or amber light. Create the staycation oasis of your dreams right in the comfort of your own backyard without having to leave home.

There are a variety of different ways to use patio or backyard lights that can greatly enhance the look and feel of any outdoor area. String patio lights hung along the walls, patio stands, pool enclosures, Palm trees,  our bistro lights can provide an inviting atmosphere with minimal effort. Add extra outdoor lighting around steps, decks or walkways to prevent falls and slips, while making your patio or backyard look beautiful at night. With the right patio lights or accent lights positioned around foliage, it can create an ethereal wonderland of soft lighting – perfect for those summer nights spent with family and friends.

Want to transform your backyard patio into an outdoor paradise ?

Background Entertainment

Enhance your outdoor movie nights or barbecues with ambient lighting that complements every moment. Our seamless integration means you can tailor your lighting to any event, ensuring a perfect backdrop every time.


Designed not just to illuminate, but to captivate, our Bistro lights sets the standard for outdoor entertainment. Whether you’re hosting a lively pool party or seeking to enhance your evening ambiance, our lighting offers the perfect blend of functionality and flair.

You control the lights, with both color patterns and timing

Your outdoor patio lighting design should be able to change over time as the home owners needs change. The flexibility of your lighting, colors, patterns, is an important consideration. Our modern outdoor lighting can be controlled through a mobile app to give the homeowner the ability to change design as needed. Trimlight app is called “Edge” and has these capabilities:

  • Controlled from a Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Cloud Based Technology
  • Alexa and Google Home Connected
  • Music Capability
  • User Friendly App
  • Programable Holiday Patterns
  • Lots of Color Patterns and Animations

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Easily transition from season to season, from holiday to holiday, with a push of the button


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